Our mission at 3DPHC is to use 3D printed construction to reduce the cost of home building, making homeownership attainable to a  vastly larger demographic. 


This isn't science fiction - it's simply a fact.

Architectural  3D printing is fast becoming a viable and attractive solution to an industry that has seen virtually no major innovations since brick and wood met mortar.

We are now seeing significant innovation in whole printing, on-site printing, curved surface printing, and new self-supporting materials. 

Using 3D Printed construction technologies, we can decrease the overall cost of homeownership while increasing the quality of living through elegant architecture and deeper integration with the surrounding environment.




3DPHC is excited to be entering the materials R&D phase

with the 


At SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)

We will be looking at ways to innovate current recipes to create a

unique material particularly suited for North America. 





Ed comes to us with an uncommon depth of experience. His early working days included the construction industry and time in the Alberta oilfield. Over the years, he has managed dozens of workers on production lines, multiple engineers and technicians in an electronics design department, and large multi-national IT Service Desks. He spent the last ten years working as an IT Project Manager for a major US IT vendor. Between these gigs he spent time in venture capital and skunkworks management, setting new businesses on a course for success. 




Systems & Controls

Gary brings 14 years of experience electronics technician. His experience has ranged from basic electronics repair and maintenance, to research and design. This includes installing and testing new equipment, and service and maintenance on existing equipment both on land-based locations and offshore installations. During this time, he was able to work in North America and abroad, and was constantly invigorated by the new challenges he was able to conquer. 

Frank Ossm, Director



Lead Designer

Frank brings a wealth of experience in multiple industries such as hospitality, logistics, manufacturing and graphic design to name a few. After studying photography, typography and creative design software at Reeves College in 2015, Frank began his continuing freelance career in addition to delving into 3D printing technology. After 2 years of learning function and design aspects of 3D printing, he created 3DPHC as a way to both advance the industry and create a solution to our planet's growing housing crisis, by 3D printing habitable structures. 

David Pocock, Director



Materials & Construction 

David comes to us from a diverse background having served in the Canadian Forces, worked in the ski industry in various capacities and even concert staging and events production. His early years started in the hospitality industry and moved to the oil patch, working on drilling rigs and moving along into the service and downstream part of “The Patch”.  Over the last 40 years he has been a small- contract general contractor, a materials testing technician and a construction manager. David is looking forward to the challenges in building homes that are integrated into the environment with the flexibility that only 3D printing can offer.

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